Dirty Filters. Mechanical Room Maintenance

Dirty Filters. Furnaces, Humidifiers and HRV Units. Don’t forget your A/C Condenser and coil above your furnace inside your duct work. Edmonton Home Inspections.  Atta Boy Property Inspections Residential or Commercial. A good property inspector will report the condition of your furnace. No matter the age, name brand or model of your furnace. Conventional, Mid Efficiency or High Efficiency, Single Stage, Two Stage or a Modulating furnace. Your furnace needs annual maintenance. Dirty filters is like starving your furnace for return air.
When to change your furnace filter?
A good rule of thumb is to change 1-2 inch filters every 2 months, 4 inch filters every 4-6 months and 5 inch filters every 8-10 months. Signs your air filter needs changed: The filter is visibly dirty. Certainly if you can’t see the material of the filter itself, it should be replaced. Not only does your furnace filter need attention. Humidifier, another filter that can grow bacteria  if not maintained properly. A simple replacement or cleaning with CLR works very well. HRV Unit (Heat Recovery Ventilation) this is a very important filter that needs to be maintained. Check condensate line in all 3 appliances in your maintenance routine. Pennies today dollars tomorrow, check list and regular maintenance is key for reliability. Service stickers with dates and reminders are a good way to track the maintenance schedule.

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