Edmonton Inspections Load Bearing Walls

Load Bearing Walls , Atta Boy Property Inspections. A very popular question I get asked, “can this wall be removed” People love the open concept and that’s fine if you are building a new home or moving into one built in the last 25 years or so, but it gets a little bit tricker with older

Asbestos Home Inspections Air Quality Testing

Asbestos. Edmonton Home Inspections. Asbestos Air Quality Testing this morning in a Car Shop right ofF a desk. This building was built in the asbestos years. The building was renovated cosmetically with new offices and staff room. Knowing Asbestos is in the building walls the staff requested that the owner has someone come in to

Edmonton Home Inspections Manufactured Joists I Joists

Manufactured Joists Engineered wood joist, more commonly known as an (I- Joist) is a product designed to eliminate problems that occur with conventional wood joists. I-joist product has great strength in relation to its size and weight. A COMPETITIVE CHOICE The I-joist is an engineered product that has impressive resistance for its size and weight.

Home Inspections In Attics

Home inspections in attics. Frosty Attic. Simple Tips Remember- Keep your bathroom fans on when showering. Frost accumulates when moisture air from the house gets into the attic. When moisture gets into the attic it condenses on the roof sheathing in the form of frost. The frost itself doesn't do any damage, but once it