A number of signs could indicate your windows need replacing:

  • It’s difficult to open or close the window
  • The area near the window is drafty
  • Your energy bill has suddenly increased
  • The window has a rotting frame, chips or damaged glass
  • You hear a lot of noise from outside when the window is closed
  • Interior furnishings are fading
  • The window is 15 years old, has a single pane of glass or isn’t Energy Star certified.

The average cost to replace a window is between $300 and $1,000. The cost of a window varies based on the window style, the frame material, the window’s energy efficiency and the type of glass. Keep in mind there’s also the cost of installation and permit fee, if one is necessary.

Vinyl replacement windows are popular because they cost less than other options, are energy efficient, require little maintenance and can handle the elements. Vinyl is available in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Appearance and function are both important when choosing which windows to put in a house. Homeowners should consider these factors:

  • Window style
  • Frame material
  • Energy efficiency
  • Window glass
  • Window cost and budget
  • Window manufacturer and installer
  • Window warranty