Atta Boy Inspections Radiant Heating

Does it pay to turn down the heat at night when you have a radiant-floor heating system? My opinion is that lowering the setpoint at night is a good thing, as the system will put fewer BTUs into the house, saving energy. When the system ramps up in the morning, it will reheat the slab without any loss of efficiency.
Can I put carpet over radiant heating ?
You need to use carpet sparingly with radiant heat because of this. You always have the option of putting a rug over a hard floor. You don’t have to rule carpeting out though. Make the right choice for carpet and pad underneath so radiant heat can still warm the floor and the room.
How long does it take radiant tile heat up ?
You can expect an electric floor heater in a tiled bathroom to reach an optimal comfort temperature in as little as 20 minutes. Water systems take longer to initially heat up but once they are running effectively, a more constant heat is produced.
What temperature should radiant be set at ? Typical radiant floor systems operate at 85 – 125 °F water temperature entering the tubing, and put the floor surface temperature about 5 degrees above the room thermostat set temperature.
Should a radiant system be flushed ? Flushing the hydronic system is important. The hydronic heating system should be flushed to remove flux or solder that may be mixed in the water. Actual piping would be different as a Primary Loop would be required and a Secondary Loop with Pump and maybe mixing valve.