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The business you do as a home inspector should be unlike anything else.

Our business system will help you increase the number of jobs you do, elevate the quality of your work and ensure you maintain a positive reputation in your franchise area.With our system, expect 3+ inspections per day because we help you make your transactions more efficient and effective by giving you all the tools you need to accomplish MORE in LESS time. Your revenue and earnings will grow by following this world-class method.

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So if you are ready to be your own boss, create your own success and build wealth, contact us today. 

Being A Franchise

It is the job of a home inspector to evaluate the condition of a house. Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector must provide a detailed report and a contract.
Franchisees are members of a larger team, so when they run a successful business, it benefits the entire brand, which helps all the other franchisees. Business owners are responsible for the following as franchisees:

  • A franchise is paid fees and royalties to run the larger business.
  • A franchise location must be located, leased and built out.
  • Hiring and training employees. Your business may grow by adding more inspectors: Atta-Boy has a standard of excellence, and it is your job to ensure that every new inspector with you adheres to the same standard.
  • Running the business by the franchisor’s standards.
  • Perform inspections on your own and Atta-boy inspections grown customers
  • Find, market, advertise, and develop your own customer base
  • Report and submit inspections as per guidelines
  • Represent the brand and yourself to the highest standards

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